Some Hings were just meant to be as Scots social media star Chris McQueer launches new book

Fitting in paragraphs between shifts selling trainers, Chris McQueer might seem like an unlikely candidate to be Scotland’s next great writing talent.

But the 25-year-old from the east end of Glasgow has an incredible social media buzz and has just launched his new book, Hings, which brings together an array of short stories which won the attention of the public and a book deal.

Chris was just 12 when he started writing his first novel. He had just watched Shaun of the Dead. The world was, he reckoned, crying out for something similar but written by a kid and set in Shettleston.

He said. “I got four pages into it. The dialogue was so bad. I just wasn’t very good at writing.”

Chris performed at Glasgow’s Aye Write book festival

In the intervening 13 years, Chris has had several more false starts. There

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