From ‘Swept Under’ to ‘From Hell’, 5 psycho-thrillers that must be on your watchlist

Current Hollywood movie scenario is full of superhero movies. But giving them a tough competition are horror or thriller movies which are also establishing their own ‘universes.’ Movies like Annabelle 2, Insidious chapter 4, Chucky 7, It, and Happy Death Day just around the corner in 2017.

Some people see the name ‘thriller’ as a part of the genre of ‘psychological thriller’ and don’t realise what they’re getting into. The genre encompasses the travails of the distorted realities of the protagonist, rather than the straightforward deliverance of cheap thrills. But there’s a certain draw to these kinds of movies that can have you reeling in shock for hours after you’ve finished watching, reading Reddit threads about possible sub-plots or lending you paranoid goggles, where you’re second guessing everybody’s intentions.

Psychological thrillers aren’t necessarily classified as ‘horror films’ and may not even contain supernatural

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