A Game Where You Try To Clean Crime Scenes Without Getting Caught

Behold, my AMAZING vacuum cleaner, capable of vacuuming grass and eliminating blood stains.

Serial Cleaner is a game where you play as a professional crime scene cleaner for the mob. You have to sneak around cops in order to vacuum up bloodstains, pick up bodies, and pocket murder weapons. For a game about cleaning, it’s surprisingly fun.

Each level is set in a different location: a camping ground, a high-rise office, a log cabin by a swamp. You can hide from police officers in cabinets and storage bins, or duck behind things to break line of sight. Each level has a certain number of items, bodies, and blood splatters you have to clean up with your vacuum (which miraculously, works on grass and doesn’t leave bloodstains). You also have to pick up the bodies

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