Grieving family slapped with $44,000 in government bills following …

When Dianne Hawkins was brutally murdered in 2010, the devastating loss was only the first of her family’s worries.

In the years that followed, her grieving daughter, Kally, was hounded by Queensland government services to cover costs associated with everything from cleaning the bloody crime scene to storage of her mother’s possessions. The bills totalled a staggering $44,000 and included more than $13,000 for the crime-scene clean-up – one of the most expensive such projects in Queensland history.

Kally told Newscorp she tried to claim her mother’s belongings via email shortly after her death, but was refused by staff at the Queensland Department of Housing. Those possessions, including a precious photo album, were incinerated by the department 18 months later because the family did not have the funds to cover the $9000 storage fee.

“They had a photo album – that’s all I wanted,” Kally said.

“The stuff had been in storage

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