A man hurled a Utah neighborhood into a rapid-fire panic. This is how it happened.

May quickly realized this was more than a fender bender. A woman lay in the street, near the SUV. The only other person at the scene, a man dressed in black, was standing nearby. He was holding a gun.

Still, there was no time to think, May said. These people clearly needed help, so the 52-year-old pulled his Lexus to the shoulder and ran.

“Hey, what can we do? What’s the game plan?” May asked the man several times, trying to assess the situation. The man didn’t reply or make eye contact, slowly backing away from an 8-inch hole in the rear passenger window of the SUV.

May was one of perhaps dozens of people in the quiet residential neighborhood who would come into contact with Tuesday’s violent scene in one way or another. Three people died there, including a 6-year-old, and two

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