After the police have left, who is there to pick up the pieces?

DOTHAN, ALABAMA – Anyone who grew up with Bridget Irwin knew she had a passion for law enforcement. Two years ago Bridget Irwin, M.A., a Hawley native, accepted a promotion in Florida with the department of corrections and GEO Group as a transitional case manager. Now, she has meshed her passions accepted a position with Wiregrass Angel House in Dothan, AL as a counselor/victims advocate.

Irwin arrives on the scenes of homicides, murder and robbery to help police departments and families with crisis counseling and death notification to next of kin. She is responsible for seven counties.

Irwin stated, “I often have to remind the victim’s family that murders on TV are not how they happen in real life. Often their loved one’s crime scene takes many hours to process. It’s my job to let

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