Jury begins deliberations in Richard Burgin double murder case

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  The jury deliberated for about 90 minutes Monday afternoon in the double murder trial of Richard Burgin, who could face a death sentence if he is convicted.

Deliberations by the six-woman, six-man jury will resume Tuesday morning.

The case against Burgin centers on DNA and fingerprint evidence found about a block from the crime scene, near a knife and bloody rag that had the victims’ DNA and blood. Prosecutors told the jury Monday morning the evidence ties together and points to Burgin.

The defense countered that there is no evidence of Burgin’s DNA or fingerprints at the crime scene, and the DNA on a red cup and his fingerprints on a church bulletin don’t contain any traces of the victims’ DNA.

Burgin is accused of killing elderly brothers Anthony and Terry Jackson while they were setting up the weekly food bank at West Huntsville United Methodist Church on May 21, 2013.


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