Cold Case Murder of Young Nurse Haunts Local Family –

Tonight on News 5, we are investigating a cold case murder from over a decade ago that law enforcement refuses to give up on. It was a case that had the entire Atmore community worried for their safety. Melinda McGhee, a young nurse and mother of two, was murdered inside her home, after working an overnight shift at a nursing home back in March of 2003. McGhee’s body was never found, despite hundreds of people and several law enforcement agencies searching for her. No one has ever been arrested, even though the killer left behind a bloody crime scene inside McGhee’s home. McGhee’s sister says the “coward” treated her body like it was “trash.” Melissa Wall Boatwright has so much anger that no one has been forced to pay for the crime. “I wish the cowards who know about this who have chosen for 14 years to live their lives

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