Top 5 weirdest professions in the world

Do you like your job? The surveys show that more than 70% of employed people actually hate what they do, even despite their income is satisfying. That’s sad statistics, isn’t it?

However, whatever you consider and no matter how useless your profession seems to you, every type of occupation takes a huge part in numerous industries. Some of them are quite dangerous, others seem to be extremely silly, but they are in demand nowadays. Look at our list of 5 strangest jobs in the world and maybe you will see your profession in a completely new light.

Crime scene cleaner

The jobs connected with death are really respectable. The dirtiest among them is the crime scene cleaner. These people clean up the mess after murders and accidents. The profession requires not only a lot of nerve, stamina and strong stomach, but also a great feeling of compassion.

There are hundreds of companies providing trauma

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