Malibu Seen: The More Things Change

A quarter century ago Malibu Seen was covering a different seen — an on-going, horrific, crime scene.

Years before covering locals like Cindy Crawford, David Geffen and Tom Hanks — their glitzy parties and premieres — I was a local evening news anchor.

Sure, I had covered major assignments in Russia, China, Japan and other exotic locals like Washington D.C., but nothing quite prepared me for the infamous Los Angeles Riots.

It seemed a day like any other. I was cruising to the station up La Cienega, my red 300 ZX listening to KNX all-news radio when the first blast came and I knew there was going to be trouble. Big trouble. We just didn’t know how big. 

We all fancied ourselves as seasoned news pros who’ve pulled many a long all-nighter. We just didn’t know that this all-nighter would be nerve wracking, scary and seemingly endless.

A lot

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