Can a videotape left behind by a dead sailor help NCIS solve a double murder?

Produced by Susan Mallie

In 1996, two Navy personnel were killed in a Virginia Beach apartment. The victims – Elise Makdessi and Quincy Brown – were coworkers at Oceana Naval Air Station. Makdessi’s husband, Eddie, said the couple had returned home from dinner and were accosted by Brown. Eddie Makdessi said Brown sexually assaulted and stabbed Elise. Eddie told police he was able to grab a gun and shoot Brown, but it was too late to save his wife.

Because two sailors had been murdered, NCIS was called to the crime scene that very night. With not one, but two of their own now dead, the agents would not rest until the mystery at the heart of this case was solved.

It would take 10 years as NCIS followed this twisting, turning tale that spanned two continents before coming to its stunning conclusion.


Special Agent Brian Ricardo | NCIS, Retired: On May 15,

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