‘My blood, some murder or something’: Man fuzzy on why he was called to testify at triple-murder trial

The triple-murder trial of Ian Bush took a strange twist on Friday when the jury heard that DNA evidence linked another man to the bloody crime scene.

Police had found a partial DNA profile in their sweep of the Riverside Drive condo where retired tax judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde, and friend Marie-Claire Beniskos, were bound, beaten and suffocated in June 2007.

Antony Thavaratnam, 57, never set foot in Ottawa until 2009, some two years after the killings.

The Toronto warehouse shipper, who has been ruled out as a suspect, was called to the stand on Friday.

It was a bit of work for him to get to the Elgin Street courthouse. He finished his night shift at 12:45 a.m., went home to change his clothes so he could get to his paper routes (Toronto Sun and Toronto Star), then drove to Ottawa but not before getting lost along the way.

Under examination-in-chief by

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