#TGIT recap: Discussing ‘Scandal’ 6×11, ‘The Catch’ 2×07

No Grey’s Anatomy in tonight’s TGIT, but Scandal 6×11, and The Catch 2×07 were action packed! Here’s what happened!

‘Scandal’ 6×11 ‘Trojan Horse’– Brittany Lovely

Scandal 6x11

Mellie Grant wants to fight for the people. But the people who need fighting for now are those closest to her– Cyrus, Olivia, Fitz, and all of OPA. With Cyrus’ innocence declared, he becomes the next President-elect of the United States. Abby takes him away to a safe, free place, but he’s still in a cage. No access to his daughter, the memories of Vargas and prison running through his brain, Cyrus remains a prisoner.

Liz feeds on making others take what they want. And so, Mellie Grant is not going to take this loss lying down. After all, the electoral college still needs to confirm a candidate. Will America have the first openly gay President or the first woman

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