Compensation for crime victims lacking in NS: Prof

Professor Benjamin Perirn is calling for immediate action from N.S. Premier Stephen McNeil to update laws and provisions around compensation and counselling for the victims of crimes and their families.

He took part in a three-year University of British Columbia study that shows only Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Labrador do not provide necessary funding and services.

“McNeil should immediately see that services — like counselling — are expanded and financial compensation is raised,” said Perrin, a law professor.

According to his new book, Victim Law: The Law of Victims of Crime in Canada, the province only provides $2,000 over two years for victims or their families, and $4,000 maximum for those who had a loved one who was murdered.

“The Federal Department of justice estimated $100 billion a year is the cost associated with crime in the country, and 83 per cent of that is born out of costs associated with helping

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