MRM Talking With: Carolyn Miller, Founder of the National Franchise Institute

In this edition of MRM Talking With, Carolyn Miller, founder of the National Franchise Institute and author of “Brick Mortar Franchise Success:  Know The Costs or Pay The Price,” discusses the complexities of location selection and how franchises are evolving. According to Miller, the purpose of the book is to take the guesswork out of the entire development process so franchisees and independent restaurateurs know exactly what it takes to get new locations open in the least amount of time, for the best overall price and, more important than anything else, without making costly mistakes in the process.

Miller began her franchise career in 1984 at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, IL where she worked for more than 14 years. During six of those years, she orchestrated the development efforts of 40 McDonald’s regions in opening close to 1,000 “McDonald’s in Wal-Mart” locations in the U.S. and Canada. In 1998, when McDonald’s infused capital

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