PAX East 2017: Mop Up Crime Scenes in Serial Cleaner

Straight out of the ’70s, or more so the over-the-top version of the ’70s Pulp Fiction introduced us to, Serial Cleaner is a stylish and challenging stealth action game from iFun4All and Curve Digital that has you playing as a crime scene cleaner that works for the mob, and might like the job a little too much.

Playing through the first six levels, I was able to get a feel for the difficulty and gameplay. Your main duties as the serial cleaner include vacuuming up blood, hiding bodies, and picking up evidence. Each level, you’ll have a certain amount of blood you’ll be required to clean up, and a certain number of bodies and evidence all without being seen by the patrolling police. If you’re seen, the cop will chase you, and they’re faster than you, so the only

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