Crime scene duo clean up

POLOKWANE – Cleaning up the area where a loved one has died is often unthinkable to most people, yet it is something many had to do because there was no one else.

For Yana Mockford and Bonnita Becker from the 24h Crime Scene Clean-up business, what other people won’t do, is their daily job. They are professionally trained to clean up even the goriest of crime scenes, leaving no trace behind.

“The scenes vary greatly from murder scenes to suicides and everything in between. We have an array of chemicals best suited to clean the area along with the necessary safety gear to protect ourselves,” Mockford explained.

“Our head office is in Pretoria and we only recently started our Limpopo branch. We have encountered some scenes that would have even the most seasoned veteran run to the hills since we started late last year.”

24h Crime

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