The aftermath of murder: Crime crew mop pools of blood in grisly footage

The clip, shot using state-of-the-art 360 degree camera technology, shows the teams working inside a New York City house that played host to a shocking murder late last year. Blood stains cover the floor in almost every room of the house, painting the staircase and hallway in a chilling dark red carpet.

Men dressed in yellow biohazard suits package up items left in the rooms to be disposed of, before moving on to the next to begin the arduous task of cleaning.

a man cleaning up a murder scene in New York City
HORROR SHOW: A crime scene clean up worker deals with the grisly aftermath of the killing

In one of the final shots included in the video, the camera is positioned inside the room 25-year-old Carolyn Bush’s body was found showing the horror of the scene that unfolded.Bush was killed by her roommate, 26-year-old

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