Fortney: ‘A life sentence on earth is nothing, compared to what waits for you’

“It’s impossible to describe the pain and loss — no words, no language.” 

On Tuesday morning, Rod O’Brien addresses a Calgary courtroom to talk about losing his five-year-old son Nathan to a cold-blooded killer. He last saw him on the morning of June 29, 2014 just before his son left with mom Jennifer to spend a day with his grandparents. “I’m constantly asked by them,” he says of his two other sons, Max and Luke, “Why did Nathan have to go to heaven?”

After a five-week trial that detailed the methodical planning and killing of his mother and father-in-law Kathy and Alvin Liknes, along with his little boy, it’s finally the turn of Rod and other loved ones of Douglas Garland’s victims to have their voices heard in the proceedings, as five of them share their experiences and life in the aftermath of the horrific crime. 

Rod O’Brien speaks just after his wife

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