Vallejo man charged in deadly Fairfield mall attack to stand trial

FAIRFIELD β€” A 20-year-old Vallejo man accused of a pair of savage attacks on two women, one in Vallejo and a fatal attack a day later in Fairfield, was ordered Thursday to stand trial on murder, attempted murder and robbery charges.

The ruling came after three days of prosecution evidence and witnesses.

William D. King has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Judge Wendy G. Getty ordered King to return to court March 2 to be arraigned. The charges are accompanied by enhancements alleging King committed a murder during a robbery and was lying in wait, which make him eligible for the death penalty.

King continued to act detached and silent throughout the third day of testimony.

The first attack was the morning of Feb. 2, 2016, at a Wells Fargo bank parking lot in Vallejo. A woman was struck in the head as many as 15 times with a claw hammer with her

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