Day 5 of Torre trial calls more first responders to the stand

Friday saw another day in the murder trial against former Guam Police Department officer Mark Torre, Jr. More first responders testified on the witness stand, but could Officer Bert Piolo’s chance of survival been greater had Torre used a different method to stop the bleeding? That’s one point the prosecution is making.  

At least a handful of first responders recalled what they saw when they showed up to the Torre home in Yigo in July 2015.  Lieutenant Gilbert Almario with the Guam Fire Department said, “He was come and he had blood on his shirt.” Almrio, the responding medic, testified that he was checking if Torre had any injuries.   

Attorney Jay Arriola questioned, “When you asked him where did all that blood come from, do you recall that now?”, to which Almario responded, “Yes.” Arriola then asked what his words were, with Almario replying, “He said he was trying to

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