Lawmakers introduce bill to regulate crime scene clean-up companies

Georgia leaders identified an industry in need of regulation after a CBS46 investigation uncovered a crime scene clean-up company last year taking light hearted photographs on the job with people’s personal belongings.

Gordy Powell runs a bio clean-up company called Georgia Clean and said House Bill 149 is long overdue.

“It’s the cost of doing business if you want to do it the right way,” Powell said. “There are companies like ours that should not be in business that take advantage of the victims and are actually re-victimizing families.”

If the bill becomes law, it would mandate that all employees in the industry pass a criminal background check, require that companies obtain a $100,000 surety bond and $1 million in liability insurance.

“This would actually protect the families because you don’t know who’s going inside your home,” Powell said.

Terance Scott owns Atlanta Trauma Services and said House Bill 149 provides too

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