Fortney: Tampered deadbolt at Liknes home a locksmith-worthy job

It doesn’t take much to lock a door that employs keypad technology.

A wave of a hand over the code screen, a punching in of the # key, and, depending on the deadbolt type, even a verbal command using a smartphone can do the trick. It’s the kind of lock people increasingly rely upon for their vehicle, their garage, their home, a modern-day convenience that removes the need for family members to carry a key around.

It doesn’t take much work to unlock it, either, if you know the key code — and if you don’t, then it’s also pretty darned easy to break it open. In fact, if you know what you’re doing and have the right power tool, that can be accomplished in as fast as one to five minutes.

That’s according to Monte Salway, a master locksmith with a quarter century of experience. The American lock expert testifies on Day 4 of

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