2 adults, 2 children found dead in Colorado Springs home

No information was available Wednesday morning about the cause of deaths, and police have not named any suspects. Black said in a released statement that there’s no risk to the public, but he did not elaborate.

Neighbors were stunned by the news. They said the family, with a young daughter and son, seemed nice.

It was the fun house, especially during summer when kids would gather there to jump on the trampoline, ride a child-sized ATV and play video games, said neighbor Frances Bonilla, whose 8-year-old child played there.

“They had all the games, and kids would go there to play with them. They were really nice to all of the kids,” Bonilla said. “My daughter told me the mom can make a mean Oreo shake.”

She didn’t recall the parents’ names, having interacted mainly with the daughter she estimated to be 6 and the son estimated to be 9.

They “looked like a nice

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