Rotting corpses, blood splattered walls, dead cats: Crime scene cleaner reveals gruesome scenes of horror job

If you’ve ever watched CSI and thought ‘I could do that’ – think again.

A crime scene cleaner has spoken candidly about the gruesome encounters he experiences on a daily basis – and it’s a world away from the stylized forensics drama.

Josh Marsden, managing director of Australia Forensic Warning, started his own biohazard crime cleaning company more than 10 years ago.

In that time he has had to remove maggots from rotting corpses, clean up dead rats and cats and sort out pools of dried blood.

But the worse thing about his job? The overpowering stench of the dead.

“My first reaction was how do you get rid of that smell. The first job we did was getting rid of the smell,” he told Daily Mail Australia .

Josh reveals gruesome details of being a crime scene cleaner

Murder scene… Josh often has to

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