Mission Resident Left to Clean Bloody Crime Scene

This is a reader-submitted letter from Erin Perusse, a South Van Ness Avenue resident who lives near where Lisa Williams, a 21-year-old woman, was shot and killed on Wednesday, December 7. Perusse wrote to Mission Local concerned about the treatment of the crime scene following the shooting. We are publishing her letter, edited for clarity, with her permission.

The police have not made an arrest in the shooting death of Williams, but on Thursday evening, a vigil was held on South Van Ness for the young victim.

This happened directly in front of our house, and my husband was one of the first people to find her. He ran outside as soon as the shooting stopped. The most terrifying part was that the shooting went on for many, many shots. We consider ourselves very lucky that the gunshots did not hit our apartment.

I am not writing to you however with the purpose

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