My Life as a Crime Scene Cleaner

“I felt pain in my heart for this man. It’s sad when someone leaves this earth, but the ones left behind are the most affected. We are the ones who go on living…and remembering.” What is left in the silent moments after the grim reaper has come and gone? The author of Bloodstains and Ball Gowns: My Life as a Crime Scene Cleaner discovers the answer once she leaves a glamorous life in the beauty industry to begin her ‘secret life’ in the underworld of crime scene cleaning. She enters a world that tells what happens in the neighborhood when the sun goes down, when blood is spilt and lives are lost. Her world becomes one of caravan parks, views of dried grass and withered trees through smashed windows, and the blood, gore and aftermath of tragedies when love goes wrong. Her job is to make it look as though it never happened.