Crime Scene Cleaners Describe How Dealing with Death Every Day Changes You

Cleaning. It’s not for everyone, but personally, I quite enjoy it. I’m one of those irritating people who finds distinct satisfaction in the noise of things being sucked into the nozzle of a vacuum or in wiping sticky residue off the kitchen counter.

It’s all strangely therapeutic for me, which is probably the reason I enjoyed Spotless so much— a TV series from Esquire Network featuring a handsome Frenchman who owns a crime scene clean-up business. Cue lots of scenes of him using a cotton-bud to painstakingly rub spots of blood from surfaces, gently wiping down door handles, and methodically using a backlight to check for traces of body matter. His team has the job of tidying it all up, and it’s orgasmic viewing for a neat freak like me.

But this is television: Slick and shiny and all over rather quickly. How easy is it in real life? What’s it

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