Jury sees bloody ‘crime scene’ photos at Secaucus lawyer’s …

JERSEY CITY — Jurors saw bloody “crime scene” pictures today during the first day of testimony in the retrial of a Secaucus lawyer accused of trying to kill his girlfriend with a serrated kitchen knife in her home in 2011.

“The whole silver blade was covered with blood,” Secaucus Police Officer Matthew Ford said on the witness stand as he described the long knife he recovered under a throw rug at Stephanie Schwartz’s home after the Sept. 29, 2011. Prosecutors say her boyfriend at the time, Todd Gorman, tried to kill her.

Images of the bloody kitchen floor, counter top, cabinets and clothing were shown to the jury, as where images of Schwartz being treated by EMT on the kitchen table where police had carried her.

They also saw pictures of Gorman lying on the kitchen floor unconscious where a police officer had knocked him out with kicks to the head while trying

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