Australian woman who swapped hairdressing for horror of crime scene cleaning

Donna Nayler has seen things that would make even the most hardened criminal shudder.

Blood-spattered homes, decomposing bodies and the acrid, stinking remnants of suburban meth labs are all in a day’s work for the 30-year-old Gold Coast woman since she gave up full-time hairdressing to be a professional crime scene cleaner.

For six years, Ms Nayler has worked on some of the most gruesome tasks imaginable – turning scenes of bloody mayhem back into normal homes that appear ‘as if nothing has happened’ after police collect the evidence they need.

‘Once I walked into a house and found a girl who had been completely gutted by her boyfriend – it rocked me to the absolute core,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

After giving up full-time hairdressing, Donna Nayler (pictured)

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