Crime-scene cleaner business booms

CHICAGO — Bill Muir was burning out as an operations manager for a beverage company and started looking for another career. When his brother-in-law used a handgun to kill himself, Muir decided to clean up his sister’s place.

Her gratitude for his gesture of grit and kindness gave him an idea. Five months later, Muir became a crime-scene cleaner.

“I wanted to start helping people,” he said one recent afternoon before fielding a call to clean up a homicide scene. “And seeing my sister’s face after … I knew this is how I can help.”

In starting Bio-One Chicago last year, Muir and his wife, Dawn, joined the ranks of a profession that blends the demeanors of a funeral home director and grief counselor with a construction contractor who has a strong stomach and intimate knowledge of biohazard

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