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Baton Rouge authorities reveal the chilling timeline of murder by ex-Marine Gavin Long

Long shot dead three police officers with an assault rifle in Baton Rouge Louisiana, on Sunday

The Baton Rouge shooter mercilessly executed a Sheriff’s Deputy as he went to help a wounded officer, police revealed today.

Details of Sunday’s shooting have emerged as chilling pictures of the scene where three police officers were shot dead revealed how they were cornered by a dumpster behind a beauty supply store before they were killed.

Shooter Gavin Long, 29, blasted Brad Garafola as he came to help a Baton Rouge Police officer who he had already shot, police said.

Garafola had been taking cover behind a dumpster in a parking lot but came out to aide the cop.

At that point Long came round the corner and opened fire at Garafola with assault rifle.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff

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