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Texas Pianist Family Murders: Horrific Crime Scene Details Exposed

Warning: Graphic content

Ukrainian pianist Vadym Kholodenko‘s estranged wife is currently in custody after being charged with murdering their two young children in the family’s Forth Worth, Texas, home. Days earlier on March 17, cops arrived at the home to discover a graphic and disturbing crime scene, can exclusively reveal.

Kholodenko called the cops, who were dispatched to the house at 9:27 a.m., according to Sofya Tsygankova‘s arrest affidavit.


The famous musician, who was notably shaken, said that when he came home, “his wife was going crazy and she had blood on her.”

Officer Wallace entered the bedroom and noticed Tsygankova “kneeling on the floor, just inside of the doorway…Tsygankova was rocking back and forth making noises,” the documents state. “Officer Wallace was unable to understand what she was saying.”

“Tsygakova was wearing a mid-length nightgown covered in blood.”

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